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We have been servicing the region for nearly 10yrs, over that time we have achieved quite a bit.
Solar Installs Completed 287

Over the last 10 years we have completed a huge variety of solar jobs. Grid Connect, Off Grid, Battery Systems, and large commercial.

Solar Panels Installed 10,177

We are proud of the number of solar panels installed. Every solar panel is creating savings for our customers and helping to combat climate change.

Industry leading ROI and Innovation

We work hard to ensure our solar solutions are the best in the industry, our innovation solutions to hot water management, and installation techniques all help to super charge the returns on your solar investment.

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we are specialists in installing solar power systems.
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At Glen Innes Solar we believe that the sale of a solar system is the start of a journey, not the end of one.

We are the local guys and we pride ourselves on being with you every step of the way and if anything should ever go wrong, we are only ever a phone call away.

Since opening our doors almost nine years ago, we have grown and developed as a company in 2016 we launched our Hot Water Diversion product CATCH POWER this product was designed to help the consumer take control of how they used their solar.

In 2017 Glen Innes Solar was and continues to be one of the leading inverter repairers across all of Australia and we have used this knowledge to help develop the systems we install for you! During our nine years of business we have expanded to employ 13 staff members with the large majority of those being local across Glen Innes, Emmaville and Inverell

  • Grid Connected Solar

    If you are sick of high electricity prices, then Grid Connect solar is the answer.

  • Off Grid Solar

    Solar and battery systems designed for people living without the Grid.

  • Hot water energy diverters

    The fastest and most cost effective way to supercharge grid connect solar savings is with a CATCH Power energy diverter.

  • Inverter Repairs

    We run one the largest inverter repair centers in Australia.


The secret to our success is our team.
Everybody here are very proud to call Glen Innes home, and we are all passionate about doing our little bit for the local community and the environment in general.
Jason de Jong
Jason de Jong
– Founding Partner –
Jason is definitely the best looking member on the team, and he is the funniest person in town. Jason has an engineering background.
Brad Taylor
Brad Taylor
– Founding Partner –
If Jason wasnt around then Brad would be the sexiest person in the business…But Jason is here so he cant get that title. Brad is our resident electrician.
Erin Hilton
Erin Hilton
– Sales & Marketing –
Erin heads up our Sales and Marketing team. There isnt much about this solar game she doesnt know about. If you see her in the street dont ask her about solar…she will talk your ear off.
Cindy Heath
Cindy Heath
– Operations Coordinator –
Cindy is responsible for everything in our business that moves, but doesnt have a pulse. Cindy takes her job very seriously, and look out anybody who isnt doing their job. All of our customers know and love her, because there isnt much she cannot do.
Kaitlyn Wallbridge
Kaitlyn Wallbridge
– Web Designer –
Kaitlyn is the moody teen responsible for monitoring and updating the Glen Solar website. Kaitlyn is also bound to break something on the website within 15 minutes of arriving at work.


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